Include Photography in your Incentive Team Event

Include Photography in your Incentive Team Event

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Amateur photography is taking the world by storm considering the easiness one can upload and share their photos on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and other more dedicated platforms for professionals. Armed with sophisticated mobiles or even professional equipment, people are enjoying the idea of taking the perfect shot and sharing it with their friends or even total strangers. The publicity of a multiple-liked photo is a unique rush for its shooter.

So why not organise a team trip and include photography as an activity, quenching their thirst for that magical shot, that only they discovered and photographed?














Greece has to offer a huge array of unique places; some relevantly undiscovered by international travellers, like Zagorochoria or Meteora and some like Mykonos or Santorini, the popular islands, with stunning viewpoints that some times might be difficult to locate.

A search for #greece on Instagram yields 7,602,558 posts; #santorini returns 1,040,310 posts, while #mykonos 868,199 posts.

Combined with other activities, like water sports or trekking, it can yield exciting results for all. At Optimum we can provide photography professionals to teach techniques, guide the team or individual members to unusual places, in order to discover and create a stunning photo collection; a treasure your travellers can take back to their country as memoirs from their trip.

Ask us today how we can arrange it for your client!

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