Marathon – Where it all started

Marathon – Where it all started

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Did you know that the historical city of Marathon is very very close to Athens, just under 43km?

Famous today for the start of the Marathon Race it’s history runs deep into the past, well before the infamous Marathon Battle of 490B.C.  Democracy made its first steps here on the day the Greeks defeated the Persians, against all odds, sparking the beginning of the reign of Athens and the Golden Era that left us all those amazing monuments like the Parthenon on the Acropolis Hill.

Today, Marathon is a city with a population -including the surrounding towns- of over 33.000 lives. Situated close to the sea you can have an exceptional day reminiscing the past but also diving into the present. Well worth a visit you will wonder how you can be entangled into history, nature and amazing activities in just under 30 minutes from the Greek capital.

A day in the historical city of Marathon can include:

– walking where Miltiades and his warriors fought with the Persians, shielding the future of Democracy and Europe

– visiting the tomb of the fallen heroes, honourably preserved in remembrance of their sacrifice

– learning the History through artefacts in the local Marathon museum

– running in the footsteps of the very first marathon runner, Pheidippides

– reenacting the Marathon Battle

– walking across the Lake Marathon reservoir, initially constructed to supply water to Athens

– swimming in one of the nearby beaches

– sporting activities including wind surfing

– sailing

– eating freshly cut veggies; Marathon is the main supplier of fruit and vegetables for the residents of Athens

– chilling out in one of the most beautiful regions, close to Athens…


Now that we think about it maybe one day is not enough…but good programming can surely pack a lot of excitement and impact for your team. Ask us today how we can include Marathon in your itinerary at

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