Acropolis Museum Private Dinner Event

Acropolis Museum Private Dinner Event

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Completed in 2007, the Acropolis Museum building is a striking example of Greek modern culture coexisting with ancient wonders, right at the center of a very busy capital. We now have the amazing opportunity to organize your events in the Museum and propose a unique experience to your guests.

The Acropolis Museum Experience


Recently voted as one of the top museums in the world, the Acropolis Museum is the right venue to host glam dinners for your corporate events in Greece. The architecture and unique design of the building, which is build on top of the ruins of ancient Athens, are impressive and imposing to the visitor of the museum. It blends perfectly the old with the new, and creates an ideal match of  classical hosted in contemporary.

The Acropolis Museum is the new jewel of Athens.  Great importance has been placed on the connection between the Museum and the Parthenon, so that while visitors are looking at the exhibits, they will simultaneously have a clear view of the monument itself.  The use of glass for its construction makes it possible for a person to be looking at the display cases one moment and then, in the next, to look at the Parthenon itself. It is situated just nearby, and constantly reminds the visitor of its splendor, making the entire Acropolis Museum visit very stimulating.


The Private tour experience

Every event at the Acropolis Museum is one of a kind. It allows our guests to privately visit the museum, ten times bigger than the old one, and gives them the opportunity to discover the artifacts that were found on the sacred rock of the Acropolis. After the closing time of the Museum, our licensed guides will take our guests for a private tour, away from crowds and at the pace and rhythm of the group.



The Dinner Experience

After the tour the guests are directed to the terrace of the second floor. There, they will have their welcome cocktail, having a unique photo opportunity with the backdrop of the Parthenon.

The menu for your event is always based on using only high quality Greek products, which are cooked and presented in a refined and exquisite way.  The spirit of the menus concurs with the general feeling emanating from the Acropolis Museum, with its revisited Greek cuisine. Your guests will not miss out on some of the authentic flavors they would have tasted when discovering typical Greek kitchen but at the same time, they will live an elegant and exclusive dining experience.  The dining area also offers breathtaking views of the Acropolis, the Lycabettus hill and the Pnyx.


The Artifacts

Some of the highlights of your visit will be The Gallery of the Slopes of the Acropolis. This is an ascending, wide glass floored gallery which houses finds from the slopes of the Acropolis.  The occasionally transparent floor provides a view of the archaeological excavation, while its upward slope alludes to the ascent to the Acropolis.

The Archaic Gallery.  In the Archaic Gallery, for the first time, visitors are afforded the opportunity to view exhibits from all sides as three dimensional exhibits.  With the benefit of the changing natural light, visitors can discern and discover the delicate surface variations of sculptures and select the vantage point from which to observe the exhibits.

The Parthenon Gallery.  In the center of the Parthenon Gallery on the third floor, the visitor can observe a video presentation about the Parthenon and the sculptural decoration of the monument.

The installation of the frieze of the Parthenon on the rectangular cement core that has exactly the same dimensions as the cellar of the Parthenon enables a comprehensive view of the details of the frieze, as one takes the perimetric walk of the Gallery.

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