Symi Island

Symi Island

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Symi, an island in the corner of Greece with a unique architecture, pristine beaches, a fascinating history that goes back to prehistoric ages and a welcoming hospitality are the basic ingredients of an experience you will never forget.

Symi is the 8th in size island in the the Dodecanese island chain, situated about 41km from Rhodes. It’s a protected archaeological site in it’s entirety with over 150 positions of interest, dating back from the prehistoric era. The island is decorated by its neoclassic mansions with their hand drawn ceilings and colourful exteriors, that once housed the first families of ship owners and sponge divers and an outstanding number of over 350 monasteries.

Symi island

During summer the island hosts plenty of visitors arriving from the close island of Rhodes (which has an airport) but also a large number of cruise ships docking right into its port.

Symi is a fascinating island to include in your incentive trip. It’s what we call a ‘hidden treasure‘, here at Optimum, as it’s of the beaten island track, it’s rapidly growing in tourism and it has all the amenities to cover a large group’s needs. Last but not least, it has the WOW factor to impress every visitor since it can cater to many tastes ranging from historical, cultural, culinary, scenic to pure simple fun…

Find out more by asking us how we can include Symi in your next incentive trip.

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