A life lesson event:  Artists with disabilities exhibit in Athens

A life lesson event: Artists with disabilities exhibit in Athens

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At Optimum Greece, we love to take up new challenges, and we always want to meet the specific needs of every client. Organizing the annual conference of a worldwide association dedicated to disabled artists, with the presence of 59 artists, coming from America, Africa, Asia and Europe and representing 28 countries, gave our team the opportunity to outdo itself for extraordinarily inspiring artists.

Taking into account the services required for people with disabilities in the organization of this unprecedented event in Athens, the Optimum Greece team ended up being humbled by the courage and joy conveyed by the artists. This event was a real challenge for our team, as it was the first time we catered for the needs of such a number of disabled people at the same time. A group from which we ended up learning valuable life lessons such as the strength that can be found in each individual and the need to respect it.

In parallel to the meeting sessions, a painting exhibition was organized to display no less than 142 works of art by the very talented artists. The latter used an incredible technique to overcome their disabilities, painting either with their feet or mouth.

The exhibition inauguration was marked by a powerful ceremony revolving around the concepts of art and culture. The exhibition itself, held at the Zappeion Mansion, in the heart of Athens and right next to the National Gardens lasted for five days and was open to the public.

Invigorated by one further successful event, we are now already preparing the next ones with the professionalism that characterizes us in order to deliver the most impeccable service.



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